How To Tuesday: Operation Comfort Doll

I found this project on Sew News and I think it’s a great one.

From their site: Every year women all over the country find themselves in terrible situations that end with a stay in a domestic abuse shelter. The Comfort Doll Project encourages crafters of all abilities to make special gifts so these women know they’re not alone as they begin to rebuild their lives and start anew.

The Comfort Doll charity began in 2007 by Pat Winters. Now Brenda Hutchings runs the project and together they’ve received and distributed over 1,000 dolls to women’s shelters nationwide.

Once Brenda receives the dolls, a special card is attached to each one with the following inscription:

I am a Comfort Doll. I was made especially for you by a woman’s heart and hand who cares. When you need strength or just a smile, hold me and feel the love I send. Like me, you are unique, worthy, beautiful, and deserve all good things in life. You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary. Find the strength and shine! Comfort Dolls—created with our hands—given with our hearts.

If you have time on your hands, download the how to here.

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