Cool Pick of the Week: Cargo Anyone?

We have a lot of cool shops in Portland but I have never seen anything like Cargo anywhere!

Inside Cargo

The first thing you need to know about Cargo is that it’s in the hottest area in town. And it’s been there for what feels like forever — before the Pearl was “The Pearl.” The colorful flags and doodads flying around the outside really catch your attention. You can’t help but want to go inside.

Well, as we all know, looks can sometimes be deceiving. But not at Cargo. Here, the store/warehouse packs a punch and then some. The store is massive! I mean, really really big. You should really have some time to enjoy browsing here.

Inside Cargo

Do you need a “Electric Kitty”? (A dashboard figurine of the QOE with a solar-powered waving hand.) Are you perhaps in the market for a Communist Chinese fur cap? How about an abundance of Japanese ephemera from old store receipts to post WWII magazine ads? You’ll find all of that kind of stuff here–AND MORE.

Colorful foreign paper signs! Scary Indonesian puppets! Dangerously sharp Indian tin toys! Acre upon acre of plastic flowers and greenery! They also have some crazily expensive antique furniture that look like the kind of things Mao sat on.

Inside Cargo - again

Cargo again again

This really is a fun store to wander around in.  If you’re out for a stroll in the Pearl, Cargo is a must.

If you can’t make it to the one on Portland, enjoy Cargo here!
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